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In the books I am writing, I am driven to explore the mystifying & miraculous nature of life for the world is more than we know. This journey is not restricted to one genre for much interests me; what I seek is understanding and revelation. For this simple reason, I don’t always know how the novel will turn out, and thus the writing becomes as much an exploration and adventure for me as I hope it will be for you, fostering positive change.


Perfection in crime does not exist. Like a goddess, desired but unattainable. There is always one moment that does not fit. In the pursuit, perhaps a moment of surprise, and then her sweet surrender. Between a man and a woman, trust is the most dangerous gamble and the elusive goddess.


An emotionally intense, nail-biting thriller that is also a spiritual conundrum. Are we by nature more violent than good, more cowardly than courageous, more driven by fear than humanity? Emotions and fear and prejudices are a combustible mixture.


The novel from the television series of a journey through karma to find a soulmate before it’s too late.


“Does the imagination dwell the most upon a woman won or a woman lost?” This quote from William Butler Yeats ignites a desperate search for one man chasing the answer to far-flung islands and a radically new life.


A collection of short stories to worlds here and gone, both imagined and real.

U R THE SOLUTION an AO Adventure

U R THE SOLUTION an AO Adventure by Mark Victor Hansen and Bill Froehlich

by Mark Victor Hansen and Bill Froehlich

An enduring fable for our times which sits at the crossroads of Harry Potter, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Alchemist. Two innocent children led astray by a devious older child fall into a magical world and become lost. They meet a mystical figure, AO, who challenges their thoughts and beliefs during a treacherous odyssey to find their way home. Published through FastPencil Premiere in print and e-book. In development as a major motion picture.

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